(old) Safety

In this area you can find different safety tips and tricks for your team.

Click here for our official: Safety pitch (Automatic Download)

We take safety seriously, but for those who want just a little bit more, here is our Pneumatic Fluid Spill Response Plan:

  1. Don’t panic, pneumatic fluid does contain some corrosive elements, but they are slow acting.
  2. Pneumatic fluid is easily disturbed, if you suspect a spill, move very slowly to ensure best containment.
  3. Do not use a vacuum cleaner, since this will simply disperse the fluid.
  4. Carefully place the fluid into seal-able containers.  We recommend containers like these, since they are fun:
  5. For larger spills, contact Girls of Steel Robotics (Team 3504);  we hear that they have a bigger container:
    images (1)
  6. In conclusion, we would like to point out that FIRST approved pneumatic fluid is ….. air.
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