(old) Basics For New Students


Welcome To (or back to) FIRST Robotics Team 291!

At some point you will need to register with FIRST robotics and associate yourself with our team.  If you want to start now, here is the link: https://www.firstinspires.org/resource-library/youth-team-member-consent-and-release-form

In my opinion, parts of the FIRST website are pretty poorly organized, so here are some links that I found helpful.

Of course, feel free to explore the FIRST website on your own – and feel free to recommend others to me.  You are in the FIRST Robotics Competition (also knows as FRC) part of FIRST.

Others FIRST programs include Lego League / FLL,  and First Tech Challenge /FTC … but you are not doing those.

This is what we get to see on the kickoff day from last season. (usually the first Saturday in January)

Short Version (just animation) :  https://youtu.be/HZbdwYiCY74

Full Version (52 minutes) : https://youtu.be/sBPAlijR4mw  you may want to jump ahead to 36:25 for the field walk through.

This is the teaser for this coming season:  https://youtu.be/pdGgp1NIvL0 and I think it looks great.

About the Program

We are in the FRC program, so watch some of these videos (you don’t have to watch “start a team”):


FIRST at a Glance:


FIRST provided Training MaterialsDon’t worry if you don’t get all of this stuff – the team is here to help you. Some of it I consider college level…so don’t be intimidated.

Electrical / Software


Drive Systems




General Training Page (includes the above links, plus more):




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