“It’s never been about the robots.
We don’t use kids to build robots.
We use robots to 
build kids.”
– Dean Kamen, FIRST Founder

CIA – Our Team Name:
While our official FIRST designation is “Team 291”,
our chosen name is C.I.A. – short for Creativity In Action

Mission Statement:
Our team’s mission is to help our students and community recognize the impact that science, technology, mathematics and engineering can have on everyone’s future;  to help our students nurture a passion for what they do, to practice discipline in their lives, to develop their skills as leaders, and to recognize responsibility to our community.

Team Summary:
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Three Minute Video About What We Did In 2017
(this is blocked by some work sites for some reason):

Erie, Pennsylvania

Rookie season:

Team Founders:
Joyce Gerry:
Fundraising, Purchasing / Inventory, Compliance – 20 years
Mike Hayes: Fundraising, Chairman’s Award, Mentoring – 21 years
Brad Jones (retired, 2014): Design and Manufacturing Support
Cathy Park (retired, 2015): Trip Planning, Spirit